Strategic Stocking and Inventory Management
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10902 Wye St, San Antonio, TX  78217
Thinking of breaking into the San Antonio and/or south Texas market?  Do you need your product available 24/7, and in your customer's hand within an hour?  Need it in McAllen right away, on a Saturday afternoon?  How about temperature and humidity control? Space for palletized items?  Do you have fulfillment/distribution requirements?  

You name it:  Cycle counts, bar code scanning, and even your customized inventory control measures can be integrated with our system (or, ours with yours).  Or, perhaps we can help you create a system specific for your south Texas Market? 

Yes, we can do that!  We'll receive, organize, and distribute your inventory.  From heart and oil-well valves, to DME and computer parts, we have the ability to store product in climate controlled or open warehouse space*.  We have variety of industrial grade shelving available for for staging your stock too.  

MEDS has assisted many of our health care customers in growing their companies in San Antonio and South Texas.  Tell us what you need, and let's do some business together!

Our warehouse is your warehouse!
*Space is limited.

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From a single shelf,  to a warehouse full of your inventory.  MEDS is flexible and willing to explore your ideas for asset tracking, stocking, distribution and other warehousing services.